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This site was created to be a resource for UBC faculty, staff, and students. It hosts information on a number of topics of interest to the geomatics community.

UBC GIS Users Group Needs Volunteers

UBC Library hosts ESRI Maps on Abacus. Using your CWL you can log onto the UBC section of a BC research libraries data site to download world map data provided by ESRI or Stats Canada’s road network. Click here to go to the Abacus site then click along the right hand side where the UBC icon is to logon with your CWL. Do not click on the UBC tab along the top as that takes you to the old Data Services site. When you have logged on search for ESRI and you will get a number of datasets you can download.

ArcMap Student Edition can be downloaded for free directly from Esri if you are OK with the 60 day time limit.

January 24, 2017 – ArcGIS 10.5 now available. Check with your IT person to have it installed. To see what’s new in ArcGIS 10.5 click here.

January, 2017 – Esri Scholarship 2017 – $2000.00 award plus Esri software! Deadline Wednesday, February 22, 2017. For further details download the poster here.

April 2016 – IDEAL Justice Conference Presentation.

February 17, 2016 – Please join me in congratulating Curtis Chance as the winner of the UBC Esri Scholarship for 2016. To view his winning application please click Curtis Chance Scholarship Application.

February, 2015 – Please join me in congratulating Andrew Plowright the 2015 winner of the Esri Canada Scholarship. To view the winning application click here. This year we were very fortunate to have received an excellent undergraduate application from Shoshana Hereld.  Please join me in congratulating Shoshana the winner of the UBC GIS Undergraduate award. To view Shoshana’s winning application click here.

February 12, 2014 – Please join me in congratulating Sean Kearney in winning the Esri 2014 Scholarship. His winning application can be viewed here.

November 27, 2013 – Esri has a set of free, fully editable, including data, labs that you can use to learn or teach the concepts they cover. Esri Press SpatiaLABS are standalone activities designed to promote spatial reasoning and analysis skills. Covering a wide variety of subject matter useful in standard computer-lab sessions and longer term projects, SpatiaLABS illuminate relationships, patterns and complexities while answering provocative questions like “How might visibility have affected political boundaries in ancient civilizations?” or “Is there a connection between ethnicity and exposure to industrial toxins?” or “How worried should I be about the stagnant pond a quarter mile away?” Click here to view and download the labs.

September 12, 2013 Technical Session’s Videos Available – ESRI International Conference 2013 publishes their technical sesssions and we have purchased them over the last few years. These are great for getting a quick look at a new feature or for in depth discussions of ArcGIS analysis processes. Click here to look at this year’s offerings of almost 300 videos or go to the Tech Videos tabs for past conferences.

February, 2013 – Please join us in congratulating Doug Bolton on winning the 2013 Esri Scholarship! To see his winning entry click here.

February, 2012 – – ESRI Scholarship 2011 – Please join us in congratulating Ryan Powers, the winner of our ESRI Scholarship for 2012. Click here to view Ryan’s winning entry.

February, 2011 – ESRI Scholarship 2011 – Please join us in congratulating Jean-Simon Michaud, the winner of our ESRI Scholarship for 2011. Click here to view Jean-Simon’s winning entry

December, 2010 – Please join us in congratulating Brent Chamberlain, the winner of our ESRI Scholarship for 2010. Click here to view Brent’s winning entry.

January, 2010 – Please join us in congratulating Rory Tooke, the winner of our ESRI Scholarship for 2009. Click here to view Rory’s winning entry.

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