Esri 2018 technical videos now available


Earth with sci-fi data overlay
The 2018 Esri User Conference Technical Workshops are now available for you to view. Watch them free of charge on Esri’s Youtube playlist. If you prefer print to video, or you simply want both,  you can also access the PDF versions of the PowerPoint slides from each workshop on the Esri Events Proceedings page. The […]

How to create a Shapefile from an .e00 (ArcInfo coverage) file

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Pixelated 3D DEM render
Convert an .e00 ArcInfo coverage file in ArcMap Download .e00 file; unzip if necessary Open ArcCatalog From the toolbox, select Conversion/import from e00 This will create a coverage file. Select the coverage and right-click Export/To Shapefile (multiple) Select which parts of the .e00 you want (generally polygons). The Shapefile will be created in the destination […]

Installing LAStools for lidar data in QGIS for Mac

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How use lidar data with QGIS for Mac with the LASTools package This tutorial presupposes you have installed QGIS for Mac. If not, full instructions and downloads are available on the KyngChaos page. Obtaining a GIS package from a website called “kyngchaos” sounds dodgy, rest assured that it is the method approved by the QGIS […]