Past UBC GIS Users Group Meetings


February 20

Sean Kearney  presented his winning Esri 2014 Scholarship topic: Using Remote Sensing Imagery to Identify Calcium Deficiency in Soils of El Salvador.The overarching goal of the Agroforestry for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services project is to evaluate the impact of a slash-and-mulch agroforestry system on ecosystem services. This system was developed as an alternative to slash-and-burn agriculture and is designed to allow long term production of maize and beans with reduced degradation of soil, air and water resources and more consistent yields.


November 20

“Reading and Writing Landscapes through Maps”
Joseph Lee, MSc Candidate, Department of Geography

“Mapping all the things with Google Maps, Google Fusion Tables & Google Earth”
Paul Lesack, Data/GIS Analyst, UBC Library.

“Simple Mapping with Simply Map”
Tom Brittnacher, past GIS Librarian, UBC Library

“In the footsteps of giants – how GIS is being used to study and save African elephants ”
Jake Wall, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography

“GIS for Property Assessment”
Mark Norbury, Esri Canada

September 25

“ArcGIS Online, Esri Maps for Office, Mobile, Community Maps and Content and services, Portal, and 3D Webscene”
Nathan Enge, Esri

March 27

“Investigating the agreement between global canopy height maps and airborne Lidar-derived height estimates over Canada”
Doug Bolton, Integrated Remote Sensing Studio, UBC

February 27

“LiDARchaeology: Archaeological GIS applications of airborne LiDAR data”
Nicholas Waber, Department of Anthropology
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January  30

“Chocolate, Corn and Figurines: Mapping Archaeological Data Online.”
Dr. Michael Blake, Department of Anthropology


November 28

“ESRI CityEngine Live Demo”
Mark Ho, Esri

September 26

“Beyond Coloured Pencils: GIS Applications in Holocene Archaeology on the Northern Coast”
Andrew Martindale, Professor, Anthropology
Kisha Supernant, Professor, Anthropology (University of Alberta)

April 25

“Integrating Remote Sensing with conservation prioritization approaches to improve broad scale ecosystem characterization and monitoring.”
Ryan Powers, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Forestry

March 28

“Census GIS: Getting the most out of SimplyMap and Abacus”
Tom Brittnacher, past GIS Librarian

February 29

“Three Projects Applying GIS in Public Health:  Mapping Local Social Barriers to Sexual Health Clinics in Two Rural Communities, Provincial Emergency/Hormonal Contraceptive Use Through Time, and National Abortion Travel Patterns.
Anthony Smith, Human Early Learning Partnership Knowledge Translation Team

“Neighbourhood Environment in Waterloo Region: Patterns of Transportation and Health”
Josh Van Loon, School of Community and Regional Planning Active Transportation Lab

“Spatial Epidemiology of Lung Cancer in Canada: Examining the Role of Air Pollution and Neighborhood Deprivation”
Perry Hystad, PhD Candidate, School of Population and Public Health

January 25

“Demographic Trends in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver”
Brian Klinkenberg, Professor, Department of Geography


October 25

“History Unmasked with GIS: Politics and Agriculture in Victorian Britain”
Stephen Peplow, PhD Candidate, Land and Food Systems

September 28

“GIS Data and Health Mapping at UBC”
Dawn Mooney, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR)
Jay Douillard, Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)
Jennifer Harvey, Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)
Kelly Alke, Population Data BC

March 30

“Open Source GIS”
Jeff Burton, Campus Planning

February 23

“Viewshed Analysis”
Brent Chamberlain, PhD Candidate and GIS Instructor, Forest Resources Management


November 24

“What’s New in ArcGIS 10”
Jerry Maedel, GIS Remote Sensing Analyst, Faculty of Forestry

October 27

“GIS at UBC Library”
Tom Brittnacher, past GIS Librarian, UBC Library