Tech Videos

Technical videos will not be available until Feb 12, 2015 while we move to a new storage server.

ESRI International Conference each year has in depth technical sessions. Every year or so we have representatives at the conference purchase these sessions on DVD and provide them to UBC only – faculty, staff, and students. Clicking on the following links will allow you to view a descriptive list of the sessions in a separate window. You can then RIGHT click on the file name to download these videos using SAVE LINK AS. DO NOT WATCH THEM FROM THE SERVER AS THIS WILL SEVERELY SLOW IT DOWN!

Downloading is only available to those people at UBC campuses. If you use UBC Wireless or are off campus VPN to UBC to download files.

2015 Conference Sessions List and Audio\Videos

2013 Conference Sessions List Click here for the numbered video sessions

These archived videos can be obtained by request to Jerry Maedel

2011 Conference Sessions List

2010 Conference Sessions List

2009 Conference Sessions List

2007 Conference Sessions List