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Esri Virtual Campus courses are free to UBC Faculty, Staff and Students. Please contact me or Paul via e-mail with the course name from the web link below. Remember, only courses Authored by Esri are available for free. Here is a list of courses you can take for free if you are a member of UBC.

For a full listing of all Esri courses to ESRI Virtual Campus Catalog

Here is a PDF file of Esri Virtual courses available for free using our site license and grouped by areas of interest: Esri Virtual Campus Learning Tracks 2014.

Still not sure what course to take? Esri has this cool page where you can drill down using categories to find individual courses: Recommendations Just remember not all of these courses listed are free from our site license. Some are instructor-led so check the list above to be sure the course you want is available. Also, some short courses are free so not listed.

There are also videos from the Esri International conference seminars which are excellent tutorials and are all under an hour in length. Check out the Tech Videos tab above for the current listing of seminars you can download for free.

SpatiaLabs 2013 –

Esri Press SpatiaLABS are standalone activities designed to promote spatial reasoning and analysis skills. Covering a wide variety of subject matter useful in standard computer-lab sessions and longer-term projects, SpatiaLABS illuminate relationships, patterns and complexities while answering provocative questions like “How might visibility have affected political boundaries in ancient civilizations?” or “Is there a connection between ethnicity and exposure to industrial toxins?” or “How worried should I be about the stagnant pond a quarter mile away?” Lab descriptions and downloadable material are available here.



Forestry GIS

The Faculty of Forestry has GIS as a part of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Conservation program has a one term course introducing students to the design, development, and application of GIS. The Forestry undergraduate program has GIS in a number of courses, primarily in forestry measurements: FRST239, and FRST339. GIS is also a key component in Forestry course based masters programs: Masters in Sustainable Forest Management, Masters of International Forestry, Masters of Geomatics for Environmental Management.

Forestry Remote Sensing is taught primarily in one course FRST443. Forestry graduate research in remote sensing is centered in the IRSS lab.

Geography GIS

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